How To Legally Get A Junk Car Removed From Your Property.


Paperwork is needed to have a junk and/or abandoned vehicle legally removed from your property.


Easiest - Have a title in your name and sign-off on the release of interest line.

Fairly easy - Get a Release Of Interest In Title/Lost Title form from your local sub-licensing agent or download from WAshing ton State DOL website.  Complete the form and take it to your local sub-licensing agent or notary and sign on the release of interest line in front of them.  You'll need your photo ID.

Simple with a little more work - Take pics of all 4 sides of the vehicle including license plate if any and the VIN # (located on dash in front of driver below windshield and may also appear inside driver side door jamb.  Email these pics to your local deputy sheriff along with typed out numbers for license plate and VIN #.  Include your address and telephone # along with the address where the junk vehicle is located if different.  Your deputy will usually drop off the JUNK VEHICLE CERTIFICATE to you within 3-4 business days.

Take the JVC to your local notary or sub-licensing agent and sign the back (second page) in front of them.

Make a copy of both pages of the JVC and mail them via certified mail to the last known address for the legal owner which your deputy will have entered on the form.  I strongly recommend keeping the orginal for 5 years for CYA purposes.

Wait 15 days.On day 16 anyone may legally remove the car from your property!

If the deputy entered NONE in the space for legal owner, you can legally have the car removed that day once you have the JVC notarized or signed and numbered by a licensing sub-agent.

In Skagit County one may also pay their Health Department $50 to come out and inspect the car and give you the JVC, but why would you when the deputy will do it for no charge in most counties?