Deadly Poison in Moderna Vaccine According to Connecticut Dept Of Health

May. 19, 2021

Connecticut publishes Moderna Covid Vaccine ingredients.  It includes in it's top 3 ingredients the deadly poison, SM-102.


SM-102 Material Safety Data Sheet states that it is not for human or veterinarean use.  It goes on to report that prolonged or repeated exposure causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver, and the respiratory system. 


The manufacturer of SM-102 reported in it's filing with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) this chemical causes Acute Toxicity and is fatal in contact with skin.




Apr. 28, 2021

Faked Movie Star Vaccinations:  

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Dangers of Covid Test Swabs?:

Covid Test Swabs Up Close: New Report Claims Test Swab Fibers Packed with Dangerous DARPA Hydrogel and Lithium

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Covid positive results for people who were never given test: 


Mass Murder: 3486 deaths in the U.S.A. following Covid Injections In 4 Months! 

CDC announced via the VAERS, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

7,766 deaths and 330,218 vaccine injuries reported via the European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions.

UK reports 847 deaths and 626,087 injuries.

Are you still fired-up to get vaccinated for a virus with a 98+% survival rate for which the vast majority of deaths were for people over 70 with co-ocurring major health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes. etc...? 

Mar. 28, 2021

Mar. 27, 2021


U.S Attorney Gregory Glaser files landmark lawsuit in federal court and proves vaccines are dangerous with absolutely no safety checks in the past 32 years!  contrast this with all other drugs which are required to have safety checks completed every two years!! 


PCR test inventor and Nobel Prize winner stated, "Fauci doesn't know anything about anything." 


Don't let them force you to vaccinate!  It's illegal!! 


The repeated administration of resveretrol has measureable effects on circulating T cell subsets and regulatory T cells in humans. 

Mar. 24, 2021

My sincere condolences go out to all Americans and indeed all humans who lost a loved one to COVID-19, which is a coronavirus.


Click on the link above and you will learn that they died unnecessarily and Fauci is to blame.  He lied about Hydroxychloroquine.  It is very effective in curing corona viruses, especially when combined with an antibiotic and zinc gluconate or acetate according to many reputable physicians who saved their patient's lives using it against COVID-19.


Fauci's NIH published information on Hydroxychloroquine's effectiveness in curing corona viruses in 2005.


Now, you know who is to blame for your loss.  It is my opinion that Fauci is guilty of treason and crimes against humanity.  I invite and encourage you to contact your State and federal leaders and demand his arrest, immediate suspension from our NIH (National Institute of Health) of which he is the current director, and be tried by military tribunal for the murder of tens of thousands of American Citizens.