Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones From the Chinese Virus

Mar. 23, 2020

Powerful Anti-Viral Foods, Superfood, & Supplements


Dr. Chretien reports that Quercetin has been shown in studies to be effective against formidable diseases such as SARS, the Ebola Virus, and the Zika Virus.

This natural plant pigment is noted by Dr. Chretien's team to offer the best protection against viruses when used in pre-treatment. He asserts that it is so SAFE that even the high doses used in their study WILL NOT CAUSE SIDE EFFECTS!

Quercetin is currently used to treat inflammatory diseases, reduce allergy symptoms, and reduce cholesterol. It has all ready shown the ability to inhibit both A & B type Influenza along with H1N1, & H3N2 viruses.

HUGE BONUS: researchers report that viruses seem to be incapable of developing immunity to quercetin!!

Food sources of quercetin: organic unpeeled apples, dark cherries, organic cacao or cocoa, dark leafy greens, green tea, and onions.

Quercetin is also available as a supplement and natural healers typically recommend 500 mg twice a day. I like Eclectic Institutes products. They are grown on their farm in Oregon. Always consult your own integrative healthcare provider prior to adding new supplements to your immune boosting plan. Your pharmacist can help you determine whether a supplement is safe to take with any prescription medications you are taking.

Supercharge quercetin's bio-availability by taking it with Vitamin C! Vitamin C helps regenerate quercetin and maintain its antioxidant properties. Bromelain dramatically boosts Quercetin's low (17%) absorbability by the body. Swansons offers a combination Quercetin/Bromelain supplement at 40-60% off retail prices.

I like Liposomal Vitamin C from Solaray as it is soy free. It costs between $17 and $23 per bottle at retail health food stores. Typical Vitamin C stays in the body only a short while before it is urinated out because it is water soluble. Liposomal Vitamin C is fat soluble, so it stays in your body longer; where it can protect you with it's ANTI-VIRAL POWER!

Dr. Gerry Schwalfenberg, MD of Canada wrote a clinical review entitled VITAMIN D for INFLUENZA. In it he noted that flu season correlates with natural drop in D3 levels every single year. His analysis showed that clinical grade cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) has already shown promise to prevent the onset of flu. He found that year round dosing of 4,000-5,000 ius of clinical D3 provides DRASTIC REDUCTION IN INFLUENZA CASES!! His team found that 10,000-30,000 ius can be used as direct treatment for those with influenza and dubbed it the VITAMIN D HAMMER THERAPY. They reported complete resolution of symptoms within 48-72 hours using the HAMMER TEHRAPY and reported it in their study published by the College of Family Physicians in Canada. They also reported that 5,000 ius daily slashed the risk of infection by 62% in those chronically deficient in Vitamin D (like most of us in Washington State, other Northern tier States, and Canada).

According to Dr. Al Sears, MD of The Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Florida, the superfood, Spirulina was found by the Nasa program CELSS to be the simple most powerful food on Earth that would help astronauts sustain life off Earth in the harsh conditions of space.
Spirulina is:
1,000 times more nutrient dense than ordinary fruits and vegetables at the grocery store,
has 3100% more Vitamin A than carrots (Vitamin A is strongly Anti-Viral),
5500% more iron than spinach (Those with Hemachromatosis take note),
100% more protein than red meat,
2500% more calcium than milk,
has more than 90 trace minerals,
and contains all 10 dietary-essential amino-acids.
Dr. Sears asserts that spirulina can transform your health, boost your energy levels, restore youthful vitality, reduce inflammation and pain, heal your gut and reduce bloating, gas, or distress, boost fat burning and your body's natural healing and detoxifying systems, SUPERCHARGE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, supports healthy DNA through POTENT ANTI-TUMOR ACTIVATION, SHIELDS YOUR BRAIN from dangerous toxins, and protects the cardiovascular system!

Vitamin D3 Reduces ICU Admissions By 93%!! Woo Hoo!!


The above link leads to information on a Vitamin D3 small trial which reduced ICU admisions by 93% in patients entering hospital with moderate CCP Virus symptoms.

In the British Medical Journal article it was reported that "D3 seems to be able to reduce the severity of COVID-19.