Jerry Burns for State Legislature District 42, Position 2


I Am Committed To Liberty & Justice For All Washington State Citizens And Our Fellow Americans In Other States & Territories of the U.S.A.


I Demand A Free Society!  I Absolutely Insist That Washington State Government End Its WAR ON THE POOR!!!  Let's Force This With Our Votes And If Our Government Fails To Act, We Will Force Them To END THIS WAR Using The Iniative Measure Process.  To wit, Washington State Government MUST make it illegal for courts or any state agency to suspend a Citizen's driver's license due to unpaid tickets.  The only exceptions would be cases where a driver endangered other Citizens such as DUI, violence, vehicular assault, etc...  Make it retroactive and expunge Citizen's driving records of suspensions in every case in which the suspension was ordered do to unpaid fines.  Law Enforcement personnel hate taking honest Citizens to jail as "criminals" due to the bad laws currently in place in our state.  Every time we make a restrictive law, we make new "criminals."

Let us temper our justice with mercy lest we be remembered by our posterity as brutal, compassionless, inhumane thugs.  Let us fund the REENTRY COALITION with tax dollars from the 1/2 of 1% tax on alcohol in order to reduce recidivism,thus saving tax dollars (your money)!!!

The outright removal of the injustice and interference of the state is my ultimate goal.

I advocate real freedom from government interference.

I support individual liberty because it's the right thing to do and because it's the best way to benefit the greatest number of people.

I Absolutely Oppose Governor Inslee's project to export family wage ferries jobs out-of-state!!  If he has his way, the $16 & $17 per hour jobs will be outsourced to a multi-national company from back East.  I'll bet you dollars for donuts they'll replace these union workers with minimum wage workers and you will still pay $6 for a nasty beer!!!

Visit for more info and to sign the petition!!

CALL Governor Inslee today and tell him no blasted way!!!!

I whole-heartedly support the Lummi Nations efforts to protect our environment for us and our children.  I sent them a letter requesting their help in this matter last Spring. I encourage you to call, email, and mail your words of support and make financial contributions to their efforts to prevent a coal port in Whatcom County.  

There exists a state-of-the-art industrial port in Longview, Washington, which is a low population area that desperately needs the jobs such a port would bring. 

I advocate sound environmental policy and practices.  My car is all electric.  My pick-up runs on SVO, Straight Vegetable Oil.  I have a 2 seater, electric trike prototype which I intend to build locally starting in Spring 2017.  I'll be holding Meet & Greets for potential investors and community stakeholders in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Anacortes, and Marysville September 2016-March 2017.  Contact via this site for updates or look for ads in the Echo and the Co-op newspapers.